Booms Fishing CP4 Fishing Crimping Pliers High-carbon Steel Wire Scissors Cutting For Crimp Double-Barrel Sleeves Tackle Tools


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  • Magnet Fishing: No
  • Material: High Carbon Steel
  • Type: Fishing Pliers
  • Brand Name: booms fishing
  • Origin: Mainland China

Product Key Point Description

1.PRODUCT FEATURES: High-end exquisite appearance, Small and portable, Ergonomically designed non-slip handle,Provides better grip,easy to hold.Disigned with a safety latch for better closure when not in use.
2.CRIMPING MORE LABOR-SAVING: The principle of labor-saving lever is used in the design,Shorter bearing distance and more concentrated force during use,Make it more labor-saving and easy to use.
3.ABOUT CUTTING STEEL WIRE LINE: Sharp blade,Can make the cutting smoother, the wire can be cut cleanly and the pliers are not easy to wear.
4.APPLICABLE MODELS: There are 4 sizes of holes on the pliers, 0.1-0.6mm, 0.6-1.0mm, 1.0-1.4mm, 2mm; For use the ecopper double sleeves and aluminum double sleeves, Can be used for 100-500LB of steel wire and 50-300LB of nylon wire; the cutter section can only cutting wire line under 1/16 inch.
5.ABOUT MATERIALS: Made of high carbon steel material manufactured, the surface is treated with Teflon coating, which has stronger rust resistance.

Product Attribute Introduction

1.Material: The anti rust coating process on the surface of high carbon steel material greatly improves the anti rust ability of the product and has strong anti rust function.
2.Size: 18.2cm * 6.7cm
3.Net weight: 234g
5.Widely suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing


1.Please place the sleeve in the middle of the card slot during use to avoid uneven crimping or misalignment.
2.Please lock the pliers when not in use and keep them closed to avoid injury.
3.If you come into contact with seawater during use, after using the pliers, please clean them with clean water and store them in your toolbox for better protection or prevention of loss.
4.All dimensions are measured manually: Due to differences in measurement techniques and tools, it is normal for the dimensions and weights in the description to differ slightly from the data you measured. Please understand.


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